The Italian love of life and the enjoyment of food and family is what Locali wants all of our customers to enjoy. Delicious and unique fresh produce from Italy, Australia and around the world are on offer. Order dinner, have a drink or dine in, all at your Locali

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Locali Cucina

Let us cook for you. The Locali Cucina menu is filled with diversity and flavour that will feed your soul.

When it comes to our food, we’ve created a unique experience that the whole family will love — something that feels a little bit special when it lands on your table. Get a taste for Locali in our Cucina & Bar.

Only the best products sourced from around the world

Only the best products sourced from around the world

Wine from Tuscany, prosciutto from Parma, olives from Sardinia — these are just some of the international delights that you’ll find at Locali.

With exclusive lines from around the world, shopping at Locali is a truly authentic experience.

Supporting our Locali

Supporting our Locali

Supporting local allows Locali to offer customers fresh, in season, premium produce, while also supporting our community.

We pride ourselves on unwavering high quality — which is what our local producers provide. The success of our local suppliers is also our success.

Grab lunch on the go — choose from a wide range of wraps and salads, or tempt your taste buds with freshly made sushi.

With hundreds of healthy options on offer, you can pick up lunch on the way to work, or on your way home for the next day.


Our in house Florist has a fantastic range of Flowers and Gifts for every occasion.

Need something special? talk to our talented florist for some inspiration.

So why not brighten up someone’s day or say something special to the ones you love, all at your Locali.

Fine Scotch Whiskey, smooth European Brandy or your favourite Australian or European Wine our well stocked cellar has a whatever you desire.

Italian favourites that accompany every meal or your favourite apperatif, Locali has what you desire, check out our fantastic range in store.

Need a coffee? Fresh coffee made by our trained barista.